Kids Reading Ambassadors

Every month we will be inviting you to pitch your reading stars to us and one child each month will get the opportunity to read and review a brand new book and speak to the author about it. We know, right…how cool is that!? Here are some of our ongoing reading ambassadors who have thus far appeared at the LoveReading LitFest interviewing some of our favourite children's authors.

Get in touch if you have a budding kids presenter in your midst - we'd love to hear from them. Email us on


Charlotte Crafts

At 9 years old, Charlotte Crafts is a consummate and committed reader who knows a good story when she reads one and won’t put it down until she’s finished every word of it. When not immersed in a good book, she likes running around, swinging on ropes over rivers and bossing her older brother around. (She quite likes him really but isn’t yet willing to make this knowledge public). She bizarrely was born on exactly the same day as her LoveReading LitFest colleague Frankie (spooky eh!) and loves being paid in chocolate.

Jack Dumville

Jack Dumville is 13 years old and lives in London. When he’s not got his nose stuck in a book, he likes playing football and cricket and building in Minecraft. When he’s older he wants to do something in IT and uses this as his excuse to spend hours on his PC. Jack recently interviewed Rashmi Sirdeshpande about her latest book Good News and is still living off the credits.


Frankie Dumville

Frankie Dumville is 9 years old and wants to be an author when she grows up. She eats books for breakfast but loves crafting, gymnastics, being a cub and playing tennis with her big brother Jack. She recently interviewed Stephanie Burgis about her latest book The Raven Heir and can’t wait for the sequel.

Edie Spoja

Edie Spoja is 11 years old and from Eltham. She is very interested in astrology and will often ask people she has just met for the first time for the date and time they were born so she can whip up a chart for them! Aside from this she is captain of an A League Kent girls football team playing in midfield. Edie recently interviewed the Number 1 Dog Trainer in the UK Steve Mann about his latest book Easy Peasy Awesome Pawsome, accompanied by her 7 month old french bulldog Lexi.


Jai Borooah

Jai Borooah is 10 years old and is a sport billy! Recently crowned his tennis club U11 champ, he plays football for Greenwich district schools U11 team and also plays a mean game of cricket for his district. When he’s not running around a court, pitch or cricket ground, he’s a reading ambassador and a guest presenter for the LoveReading LitFest. Jai recently interviewed Alastair Chisholm about his new book Adam-2.

Charlie & Finn Stiff

Charlie and Finn Stiff are brothers from Liverpool. They are 9 and 7 years old and love cricket, football and anything sport related. They’re blues in case you were wondering! They love reading and animals which is why it was so perfect that the cheeky pair recently interviewed Dr Nick Crumpton about his latest book Why Everything You Know About Dinosaurs is Wrong - and they can’t stop telling every adult they meet! You will be able to watch this event very soon, when the book is out.


Frankie Prime

Frankie is 11 years old and lives in Bexhill on Sea.
When she's not climbing all over the house, Frankie loves reading,
writing playscripts, baking tasty treats from Kim-Joy's cookbook, going
to her local running club and swimming in the sea. Frankie also loves
animals and all things cute, and wants to work for the RSPCA when she's
older, as well as being an author. Some of her favourite books are
Little Women, Harry Potter, Nevermoor and Fireborn which she recently read and reviewed for the LoveReading LitFest.