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LoveReading LitFest is the newest online, international festival of books and literature for readers and writers, powered by a passion for great books and wonderful writing, and staffed by publishing and festival professionals who are dedicated to creating extraordinary events for your enjoyment.

We would love you to join us as a member and invite you to subscribe through one of our two very reasonable subscription plans, either a monthly fee of just £6  or our annual subscription rate of £50.


These are our special launch prices while we build our library of content and for those early birds who support us we will keep this price for you, forever. It’s our way of saying thank you!

From the start, each week we will bring you at least 2 new events as we build our presence and our team.


We aim to quickly increase this to 3 events per week, with each event giving you an insight into what it means to be a writer, how books get published and much more besides.

Along with all this we’ll be bringing you reviews, recommendations, exclusive author readings and regular, fantastic, free competitions to win boxes of books and special treats.

By subscribing you’ll be helping us support writers, gain access to an ever-growing library of carefully created events and, from time to time, a range of special treats that we’re planning for members only.

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Welcome to the LoveReading LitFest!